Pool Opening Service


  • Removal of winter cover (new style safety cover only)
  • Installation of all hand and step rails
  • Pumping of water to operational level
  • Start-up of system
  • One (1) bottle of algaecide
  • Two (2) small bags of pool shock

Pool Closing Service


  • Draining of water to closing level
  • Blowing lines out, and adding antifreeze
  • Installation of new style safety pool cover
  • Removal of all plugs in pump system
  • One (1) bottle of algaecide
  • Two (2) bags of pool shock

Additional Information

The following can also be added to the basic pool opening:

  • Installation OR Removal of "old style" standard cover with water bags
  • Powerwashing of the pool cover
Our standard pricing is based on your pool being located within a 20 mile radius of Grand Rapids. Please contact us for our current specials, pricing details and for rates outside of this area.

Pool opening and pool closing services are scheduled on a "first come, first serve" basis, so call soon to schedule your service!