Fizer Pools is your local inground pool products dealer in the Grand Rapids area. We sell a variety of new products to improve your pool; including state of the art pool products from brands like Goldline, Hayward and Sta-Rite. We also sell and install pool chlorine generators, pool heaters, pool pumps, pool filters, and many other pool products.

Pool Heaters

Fizer Pools has an extensive selection of swimming pool heaters; ask us about saving money with professional installation of these items!

Pool Filters

We have a variety of pool filters available to suit any size inground swimming pool.

Chlorine Generators

Chlorine generators take the place of traditional chlorinators, brominators and the notorious one gallon bottles of chlorine. Are you sick of burning eyes, dry skin, and the overwhelming chlorine smell every time you swim? If you answered yes, a chlorine generator is perfect for you. Saltwater pools do not burn your eyes, are better for sensitive skin, and easier for first-time pool owners to maintain.

How a Chlorine Generator Works:

A simple control panel and flow meter is installed near your pump and filter. Then approximately 300 pounds of salt is mixed into the water of your pool (don't worry you cannot taste or smell the salt once it is mixed thoroughly). While the salt and water circulates through the flow meter a simple chemical reaction, induced by electricity, creates liquid bleach for a split second. The liquid bleach quickly gives up an electron to kill bacteria and changes back into water and salt. This reaction happens numerous times every second while water is being circulated through your system. For more information please contact us.

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