Rectangular and Straight-Edge Pool Shapes

Pools in this category are rectangular or mostly rectangular in overall pool silhouette.

Rectangular Swimming Pool A rectangular pool is one of the most common swimming pool shapes. This is a shape easy to fit into almost any backyard space where a pool is desired, can be built quickly, and are typically one of the most cost-effective inground pool options to build.

Grecian Swimming PoolGrecian swimming pools, like rectangular pools, have a space-saving design, are cost-efficient to build and provide excellent swimming space ideal for fitness, swimming laps, playing water volleyball, and more. The geometric touch of a Grecian pool adds additional style and interest to your pool.

Roman End Swimming PoolRoman End pools offer a scalloped, curved variation of the rectangular pool, which adds a touch of elegance to the shape and style of your pool.

True L Swimming PoolTrue-L Swimming pools are just that - truly shaped to match an uppercase "L." These pools offer ample space for swimming, water games and fun, allowing your family and friends to freely move throughout the large poolspace.

Grecian True L Swimming PoolGrecian True-L pools are also true to the letter "L" shape, but offer geometric corners for added style. A grecian True-L swimming pool is sure to be a stunning and sophisticated addition to your backyard oasis.

Lazy L Swimming PoolThe Lazy-L Swimming Pool, like the True L and Grecian True-L pool shapes, provides adequate swimming space for group water games and activities, swimming, or even a water slide, but its softened corners and edges provide a more casual atmosphere — perfect for lazy summer afternoons spent poolside.

Curved and Circular Pool Shapes

Pools in this category are curved, rounded or circular in some way and add an elegant and luxurious touch to your pool.

Kidney Shape Swimming Pool KIDNEY

Figure Eight Swimming PoolFIGURE EIGHT

Inground Pool Construction Grand RapidsOVAL

Artisian Swimming PoolARTISIAN

Aspen Swimming PoolASPEN

Auburn Lake Swimming PoolAUBURN LAKE