We offer a comprehensive selection of inground pool designs. Galvanized steel walls are used to fight against corrosion and for stability. We use vermiculite, a substance similar to concrete, that resists cracking during Michigan's tough Winter months, and a concrete foundation to ensure a stable structure.

Vermiculite: Vermiculite is a porus substance similar to concrete. It better suites the needs of the Michigan pool owner because, unlike concrete, vermiculite expands and contracts without cracking. Vermiculite is also more porus than cement which allows water to be easily diverted during heavy rain.

Inground Pool Construction Grand Rapids MI

Galvanized Steel Wall Construction: An inground swimming pool is only as good as the material used, that is why we choose to use galvanized steel walls. Galvanized steel walls offer corrosion resistance and an extended life span compared to walls made of treated wood or fiberglass. The panels are Zinc coated and are reinforced with steel A-Frame supports. With these features you can rest assured that you will experience years of carefree fun.

Concrete Foundation: Concrete is poured around the exterior of the galvanized pool walls to ensure a stable, long lasting structure. We have seen, time and time again, pool walls falling into pools simply because no foundation is poured. Although avoiding the use of concrete may save a person a few hundred dollars it is not worth the thousands it may cost ten or fifteen years down the road.

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